Northeast's turnkey production abilities includes in-house plating of Nickel, Copper, Tin and Gold.

Computer controlled batch furnaces utilize ultra pure gases for high temperature glass fusing as well as annealing and brazing.

With on-site capabilities that include assembly, fusing, testing, plating, machining, welding, grinding, lapping, laser marking and other secondary operations, Northeast controls virtually the entire production process.  Northeast has its own complete facility for production of a single part, or thousands of parts.  In addition to a well equipped, precision machine shop which fabricates custom designed fusing fixtures, Northeast has its own in-house plating department which handles Nickel, Copper, Tin and Gold to Mil-Spec requirements in an environmentally controlled plant.


Computerized control of all fusing conditions provides absolute part-to-specification accuracy and batch-to-batch precision in the manufacturing process.  Northeast's on-site glass sealing furnaces include electrically heated continuous belt feed with temperature controls within 5 degrees of target temperature.  Inside these furnaces, controlled atmospheres made from pure gas and liquid gas supplies create a consistent, repeatable environment which yields the highest quality result each and every time.

The other batch-type sealing furnaces, developed and designed by Northeast, also incorporate computer controls and ultra-pure gases for finite atmospheres and precision, high quality results.  These furnaces permit glass seals for component geometries and other requirements that otherwise cannot be glass sealed in conventional belt furnaces.  Because of their pure gas protective atmosphere, Northeast's batch furnaces also facilitate high temperature annealing and brazing with minimized or non-existent oxide production.

Northeast also performs brazing on all carbon steels, stainless steels and exotic metals, as well as resistance and heli-arc welding in environmentally controlled areas.

The result of these comprehensive capabilities is a process able to meet the demands of the most challenging production process under the most demanding quality specifications.